Texas Hog Hunts

X3 - Free Hunt - Craigslist Special $599 hunt for only $75 Booking Fee


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You have until Dec. 31, 2015 to use your Hunt!



1 Hour East of San Antonio, in Waelder Tx.


Hunt alone on your Hunt or Bring your Buddies along!

You can hunt with Bow, Rifle, &/or Shotgun!




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Free Hunt Recipients: 1 person per group at a time can use a free hunt. You can bring additional hunters at a significant discount as listed at the bottom of this page. You can however claim up to 12 free hunts, and they can either be used on different trips or given away as gifts. There is a $75 booking fee for each free hunt. To pay multiple booking fees, simply make the appropriate selection under "quantity" at the final checkout.

The free hunts and added hunters must be used by December 31, 2015.

Free Hog Hunt recipients have until Sept 15, 2014 to claim and register for this hunt.

Check in days are Sunday- Wednesday only, unless your bring 6 or more hunters. Bring at least 6 hunters, and your group will get 1 guaranteed Monster Hog weighing over 300 lbs! All you pay is the hog cleaning. This is an additional $500 bonus!




This is what the free hunt includes:


RanchHand Hog Hunt Package: Regularly $599 per hunter

This is a 3 day, 2 night wild hog hunt package,

and includes

  • 1 hog up to 299 lbs + unlimited piglets up to 50 lbs. each!
  • Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Racoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat, or Mountain lion. We only see a few mountain lion per year, but we want them shot on sight!)
  • Day & Night hunting (6) sessions
  • All Meals and Drinks
  • Great Lodging
  • Day 1 consists of a night hunt, day 2 consists of 4 hunting sessions, and the last day is an early morning hunt. Typically, hunts are conducted from blinds in the dark hours, and spot and stalk in the day light hours for those that prefer to do so.


    Not included:

    • Hunting license ($48 non-resident Adult, $25 resident, $10 for under 17 yrs old) @ Walmart)
    • Hog Cleaning: most hogs are $45-$75 to gut skin and quarter. Includes use of ranch freezer and ice for departure. Hog cleaning is .65/lb, over 70 lbs. Big hogs over 300 lbs are $.75/lb for the same service. It is required that ranch staff preform all animal cleaning.
    • Gratuity for your staff (recommended minimum of $50 per hunter)
    • Gun Rentals and ammo are available if needed
    • Guide/Staff fee of $100/hunter. This is to be paid in cash, upon arrival
    • All non-included services are to be paid in cash only at the ranch.
    • You can add additional hogs bigger than piglets and up to 299 lbs for $100 when purchased in advance. If purchased at the ranch, the cost is $1.50/lb kill fee.


    Additional hunters can only be added to the free hunt as follows ~ Regular Value $599:


    *$299: Additional hunters added within 7 days of paying the booking fee for the free hunt: $299 ea: 1 Hog up to 299 lbs + unlimited piglets per hunter

    *$349: Additional hunters added within 8-30 days of paying the booking fee for the free hunt: $349 ea: 1 Hog up to 299 lbs + unlimited piglets per hunter

    *$399: Additional hunters added after 30 days days of paying the booking fee for the free hunt: $399 ea: 1 Hog up to 299 lbs + unlimited piglets per hunter



    If you are adding multiple hunters, put the number of hunters in the "Quantity" Box to get the correct order.


    Fill out your Release of Liability and bring it filled out to the ranch. This is required by all persons attending the ranch. You will not be allowed to enter the ranch property if you do not have this form in hand at the gate. Please don't forget.

    Click here to get your Release of Liability


    If after carefully reading this website and you still have a question, please call the Ranch Boss at 832-419-6151



    HOW TO REQUEST YOUR HUNT DATES: After reviewing the calendar of availability, send an e-mail request to wildhoghunt@aol.com. You will receive a confirmation.

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