Texas Hog Hunts

Deluxe Package: 4 Day 5 Night Hog Hunt Executive Package Amenities Included



 This premium hunt package can be used within 2 years of purchase.                                                    

Wild Boar Hunt Package: 

This is a 4 day, 5 night wild hog hunt package,

and includes

  • This package includes unlimited hogs with no trophy fees. You only pay butchering costs as listed below.
  •  Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Raccoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat,  or Mountain  lion. We only see a few mountain lion per year, but we want them shot on sight!)    
  •  Day & Night hunting sessions     
  •  All Meals and Drinks    
  • Private room with private bathroom
  • Prime hunting ground in the Honey Hole   
    And lifetime memories! 


    Not included:

    • Hunting license ($48 non-resident, $25 for resident, and $10 for under 17 yrs old @ Walmart)
    • Hog Cleaning: Cost is $1/lb live weight, with a $50 minimum per hog. Bigger hogs are cut into 10 pieces, and ready for the cooker!  This service also includes retrieval from the field, freezing or chilling the meat, and packaging in ice at your departure. It is required that only staff clean all hogs harvested.
    •      Taxidermy prep to cape $20
    •      Gratuity for your staff. (Recommended minimum of $150 per hunter)
    •      All non included services are to be paid in cash only at the ranch.
    • Bring 6 or more hunters and get a Monster Hog added to your package, you only pay hog cleaning! 

    Fill out your Release of Liability and bring it filled out to the ranch.  This is required by all persons attending the ranch.  You will not be allowed to enter the ranch property if you do not have this form in hand at the gate.  Please don't forget.  Click Here: 

     See Trophy Hog Video: 


    Check-In time is 3 PM on day of arrival, and Check-Out is 9 am on the 5th day. Check in days are every day of the week.


    The first hunt on the first day is a night hunt.  Days 2-4 day includ 4 hunting sessions each day, and the last day includes an early morning hunt.

    If after carefully reading this website and you still have a question, Call 409-370-3137 for more Information!



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